Thanks for land here! I'm Antonio the creator of Jekynewage

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Improving the code

If you have development expertise in Jekyll, SEO or Web Design I'll thank you to give me your opinion, or could send a pull request. Ruby, JavaScript, HTML and CSS developers are welcome here! I look forward to sharing my ideas of web marketing and grow hacking with you!

Donate for freedom

A donation for my freedom would be fantastic! After all, the goal of all is to get it is not so? Remember that, I will appreciate much more those who contacted me after making a small donation, you think i like to work for free?! If you do not know what is Bitcoin, you can find out which, I believe a lot in this project to give freedom to many around the world!

Give me authority

I'm trying to grow hack myself on LinkedIn, a recommendation more on my profile could make a difference to my professional career, what do you say to help this? Connect with me via email lantoniotrento[at] and leave a recommendation and some endorsment, are appreciated as much as the donations!

Let's help each other

We can help each other if you want, if you help me with a sizable donation you give me the opportunity to evaluate your invitation on KeyBase (there are only 25000 invitations available), the portal created to keep your privacy intact while remaining confident of dealing with people honest and real in bitcoin circuit!

Mail me at lantoniotrento[at] for any kind of info

Do you have a better way to help?

I'm open to any form of help! If you have an idea to help put it immediately in place, or if you need to contact me to implement it write to lantoniotrento[at]

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Give and receive

Anyone who decides to help, they will, as far as possible and my abilities, to help each other with:

Free consultation

I can put at your disposal the knowledge of web marketing and grow hacking acquired through years of study and adapt them to your business ideas, advising how best to act in your specific case.

Crypto coin help

I can help you find the best tools on the web to work with the crypto coins, make payments, purchases, trading and exchange them for money.

Helping with development

To the best of my knowledge, I can help you build your business on the internet if you're a small business, an entrepreneur, a freelancer or a student.

Social Sharing

To share on my network who you are, what you do and what do you do.

We new friends!